At PrestonArms we are gun lovers just like you. Whether you’re a hunter, prepper, competitor or just love plink’n we try to have something for you at the best price we can provide. We don’t have a retail space so we don’t stock a lot of new firearms. We focus on quality used stock and while firearms are sold as-is, we really only look for the very best in good shape and we’re honest about the condition of the firearms that we sell and would never sell anything that we feel is unsafe. We DO sell new firearms and carry limited stock of certain items. We would love to quote you a price on ANYTHING that you might be looking for so do yourself a favor and email us if you are looking for something specific, we’ll get you a price ASAP and hopefully make you a great deal!
If you don’t see something that you’re interested in, check back, we are always adding new items. If you have something to sell, send us a couple pics and a description, maybe we can make a deal.
Have fun, be safe!